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The morning rush at the breakfast table, packing your lunch box before running of to catch the school bus. Taking a road trip with your host family and stopping for soda and burgers at a roadside café. The smell of fresh-cut grass on the football field and the beat of the band before the big game. When you´re going on a picnic to watch a movie and your friend´s laughter when you jump at the latest horror movie, spilling popcorn everywhere. 

 Feeling at home because everyone is so welcoming to you. Hanging out on the mall because you want the latest sneakers. The taste of your first sweet potato casserole at the Thanksgiving table. Snowflakes falling outside your bedroom window on Christmas day. Enjoying a bbq with your neighbours and friends a late summer night. Cheering for the football team, so nervous you can barely look at the scoreboard. The excitement before going on stage on your graduation day - and the noisy cheers of the crowd as the curtain drops. Make it your America 


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Ung pike fra nord som er klar for å sette sansene sine fri, og som alltid er klar for å sette ut på nye eventyr! Utvekslingsstudent i USA 2014/2015

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